Lee Hyori Lashes Out Against Reporters Who Interviewed Her Sister Without Her Consent

Lee Hyori has made some bitter comments about the recent interview that was held with her older sister without her consent.

On December 5, Hyori tweeted, “The ill-mannered reporters went and shoved their cameras into my innocent family, who didn’t know what was going on, without my consent or discussion and asked about me so I’m starting to get mad for the first time in a long time. I should just go roll around in the snow now.”

On the same day, tvN’s ENEWS aired a segment on the show, featuring Lee Hyori’s older sister in an interview about the star. During the interview, Hyori’s older sister talked about her relationship with Hyori and her wishes to see Hyori get married.

However, it seems that the interview took place without Hyori knowing about it. Therefore, Hyori expressed her disdain.

After this became an issue, Hyori tweeted again, “Aigo, let’s smile~” along with a photo of a smiling snowman.