T-ara Offered $10M for Concert Tour Through Southeast Asia

T-ara‘s agency announced on December 5, “T-ara’s been suggested to embark on a project that is worth approximately 10 billion Korean won (about $10 million). This project wants T-ara to hold concerts in China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, and other Southeastern Asian countries.”

Currently, T-ara and their agency are debating whether to take up this offer or not as they already have made plans for 2013. T-ara plans on having a Japanese Arena tour, hosting up to 150,000 people in the audience throughout their tour series. A representative of T-ara commented, “T-ara will wrap up their ‘Sexy Love‘ promotion and return to Korea at the end of the year to spend some time with their fans. We will make our decision regarding the Southeastern Asian tour in January.”

Meanwhile, T-ara was the first Korean girl group to hold concerts at Tokyo’s Budokan and sold out both shows. Following their Budoan success, T-ara toured through six cities and successfully finished their Japanese tour concert.