Kim Hee Sun Will Appear on “Healing Camp” As This Year’s Last Guest

On December 5, an official announced that actress Kim Hee Sun has filmed as a guest on SBS’s “Healing Camp.”

Previously on December 4 on her fan cafe, Kim Hee Sun left a message, “Oh by the way, I will be appearing as this year’s last guest on ‘Healing Camp.’ Wish me luck.”

Kim Hee Sun has already showed off her wits and humor on “Running Man” in June 2012. At the time, Kim Hee Sun received a lot of attention due to her enthusiasm and competitiveness. In addition, her unchanging beauty and athleticism were highly praised.

On “Healing Camp,” Kim Hee Sun is expected to discuss her acting career and her life after the wedding. The fans are hoping for honesty and forthrightness on this show.

Meanwhile, Kim Hee Sun has recently made her comeback on drama “Faith” that aired its final episode on October 30. She played a character that time traveled to the past and found love.