“School 2013” Casts Dani and Hyoyoung Get Stuck in Traffic Due to Heavy Snow

On December 5, T-ara’s Dani and Five Dolls’ Hyoyoung were late for the KBS’s new drama “School 2013” shooting due to the heavy snow.

In anticipation of this weather problem, Dani and Hyoyoung had set out several hours early to the set. However all the traffics in Seoul were already unmoving, and therefore Dani and Hyoyoung were stuck on the road as well.

To pass the time, Dani and Hyoyoung took funny photos of themselves pretending to be pushing their van.

Meanwhile, Hyoyoung is showing off her acting skills by playing the character Lee Kang Joo on “School 2013.” In addition to Dani and Hyoyoung, other casts in this drama include Jang Nara, Daniel Choi, Lee Jong, and Park Se Young.