Girls’ Generation’s Sooyoung Looks Like a Lovely Teacher

Pictures of Sooyoung from Girls’ Generation looking very lovely have recently been shared on the internet. The post was entitled, “Soshi’s Sooyoung the MC’s graceful beauty. Her innocent teacher aura.”

In the pictures, Sooyoung radiates beauty and grace as she rehearses as an MC for a program. She is wearing a warm looking gray dress that looks like something only she could pull off. Her porcelain skin, half pulled back hair, and her natural smile really does make her look like a very pretty and kind teacher.

The poster also wrote, “Sooyoung just keeps getting prettier. Her hair and clothes are so neat she somehow radiates a innocent language teacher aura.”

Netizens also praised her beauty. “Day by day she gets prettier”, “Is this really Sooyoung? So pretty!”, and “Not just pretty, beautiful” were some of the comments.