PSY Tops TIME Magazine’s List of “Top 10 Fleeting Celebrities”

PSY won the honor of the #1 “fleeting celebrity of 2012” by TIME Magazine. The list was compiled by the weekly magazine as part of its annual “Top 10 Everything of 2012” rankings. As the title implies, the “Top 10 Fleeting Celebrities” category picks the stars that are expected to soon lose their fame.

As for PSY’s nomination, TIME Magazine wrote:

“Park Jae-sang is a 34-year-old South Korean who planned to study business before he began tinkering with music. On American shores he is better known as Psy, the rapper-songwriter-producer behind the monster hit “Gangnam Style.” The earworm beat and the distinctive horse-riding dance that Psy performs in the video combined to make the song a smash. Released in July, the viral sensation mocking Korean-pop clichés has racked up over 800 million views on YouTube, surpassing Justin Bieber’s “Baby” video to become the most-viewed video of all time. The married father of two is the first Korean solo artist to have a top single in the U.S., and he is planning to record his next single in English. If it hits big, Psy may no longer be just a fleeting celebrity.”

You can see the rest of the list here! PSY is also one of the nominees for TIME Magazine’s “Person of the Year 2012” list.