Secret’s Hyosung Looks Noticeably Slimmer in Latest Selca

On December 5, Secret’s Hyosung shared a cute selca where she looks noticeably slimmer than her previous “bagel-girl” image.

Hyosung wrote on her Twitter, “It’s snowing a lot. The whole world is white. The sound of snowing sounds like, ‘Talk that, talk that,’ to me. This snowman was getting hit by the snow by himself, so I shared my umbrella. Since I protected him, he said he’ll make sure ‘Talk That’ hits daebak. Mr. Snowman said so.”

In the photo, Hyosung is flashing her trademark sexy smile at the camera with a little snowman standing next to her. She looks as hot as ever, but what really caught the attention of most fans were Hyosung’s noticeably slimmer face. It could be the makeup but she does seem to have changed from earlier this year.

Netizens commented, “The original ‘bagel-girl’ never gets old,” “Love her new look,” and “I wish I was that snowman.”