Secret’s Sun Hwa Takes Adorable Picture With B.A.P’s Him Chan

Han Sun Hwa takes a cute picture with fellow labelmate Him Chan, from boy group B.A.P.

On December 4, Him Chan uploaded their picture and included the caption, “A souvenir for Secret’s comeback. This is a picture I took with Sun Hwa not too long ago.”

Inside the picture, the two look close making silly faces at the camera. Both have milky skin complexion, are emphasizing their eyes and are wearing school uniforms, making it easy to pass them off as siblings.

Netizens who saw the picture gave various comments, “Kwang Hee would be jealous if he saw this,” “They look good together,” “Hope Secret’s promotion will be daebak.”

Meanwhile, Secret just made a comeback with “Talk That” and the members are preparing for full-scale promotions.