Child Actors Who Grew Up Well: Yoo Seung Ho, Baek Sung Hyun & Moon Geun Young

It’s always to good see a child actor grow up into a mature adult.

Yoo Seung Ho of “I Miss You”, Moon Geun Young of “Alice of Chungdamdong”, and Baek Sung Hyun of the film “China Blue” are the best examples of a child actor who transitioned into adulthood well.

Yoo Seung Ho, who has stolen the hearts of female fans with his piercing gaze, has proven that he can no longer be considered a child actor anymore. Before “I Miss You,” as wells other drama roles in “Warrior Baek Dong Soo” and “Arang and the Magistrate,” he had been a very promising child actor in movies like “The Way Home” and “Hearty Paws.”

However in “I Miss You,” he makes it impossible for anyone to consider him just a child actor. With his melancholic eyes and undeniable chemistry with his fellow actors he has fully transitioned not just out of being a child actor but into being a man.

Baek Sung Hyun, who debuted in 1994 as a child actor, will also show a more mature side in the movie “China Blue.” In the movie, he perfectly portrays a youthful young man in his twenties. The veteran actor of nineteen years gives a strong performance of a strong but lonely character. He is expected to win over viewers all over the country, especially women.

Lastly, Moon Geun Young has turned from the bright eyed adorable young girl into a lovely young woman. Moon Geun Young may not be the “Nation’s Little Sister” much longer. On “Running Man” singer Kim Jong Gook said of her, “You have turned into a woman.” In “Alice in Chungdamdong,” she shows that she is now an adult actress as she portrays a woman who has to overcome obstacles to achieve her dreams.

Yoo Seung Ho

Baek Sung Hyun

Moon Geun Young