Zia To Comeback with “ANEMONE”

Zia is scheduled to make her comeback on December 10 with the release of her mini album “ANEMONE.” She wrote fans a heartfelt letter and posted it on her Facebook on December 5. 

She wrote, “It’s been a long time since I have greeted you all with a new album! It’s a new feeling, writing a letter addressed to you all! I have prepared for my new album songs that you can listen to this winter with a cup of tea in hand.” She continued, “I am always happy and grateful for all the fans who have always supported me and remembered me thus far.”

Fans began to expect Zia’s comeback when she released her “Tears Falling Down” music video teaser back in November. Zia’s agency released the public statement, “Zia’s new album ‘ANEMONE’ is bound to please listeners with her vocal appeal in ballads. We hope you continue to show love and interest.”