Did Kim Tae Woo Gain Weight After Marriage?

On December 6, Kim Tae Woo tweeted, “I am so grateful for the fans who continue to show me love. I was able to eat well today, because of Ho Young hyung…nom nom. Oh! I forgot to wear my glasses. Because I’m so grateful, here’s a second photo,” and attached two photos. 

In the photos, Kim Tae Woo attacks a bento lunchbox consisting of tonkatsu with a spork. In the first photo, he took a bite of tonkatsu; and in the second, he is getting ready to dig in for more. Netizens were drawn to the image of the star who seemed to bear a slightly rounder face since his g.o.d days. 

They commented on the photos, writing, “I think he’s changed since he got married,” “He’s always been a big guy, but he’s gained a little more,” “Celebrities aren’t supposed to worry about gaining weight. If he wants to make a comeback, I’m sure he will concentrate on getting fit.”

In related news, Kim Tae Woo will be performing with Bobby Kim for “2012 The Vocalist Concert Featuring Bobby Kim and Kim Tae Woo: Two Man Show” on December 25 at the Seoul COEX concert hall.