Rainbow’s Jae Kyung Shows Off Handmade Teddy Bear

Rainbow‘s Jae Kyung showed off a teddy bear she made all by herself. 

On December 6, the singer posted on her me2day account photos of the teddy bear she made with the caption, “What could Designer Kim be making today? Stitch by stitch, the craftswoman runs the needle through the fabric and flips in inside-out. After stuffing it with cotton, something still feels like it’s missing. So I made her own headband accessory to complete the look.”

In the photos shown, Jae Kyung is hard at work as she cuts out the patterns and starts making the bear. The finished product looks perfect with a bright blue ribbon headband added for a pop of color. She also takes a couple of photos with her new friend.

Jae Kyung is currently enrolled as a student at Dong Duk College where she is studying Fashion Design. Fans were impressed with her display of talents in addition to being an entertainer.