Brown Eyed Soul’s Jung Yeop To Make a Comeback

Known as the “Sweet vocalist,” Brown Eyed Soul‘s Jung Yeop will be changing his artistic color a bit for his comeback on December 12.

According to Jung Yeop’s agency, “In the past, Jung Yeop has shown his bright colors as an artist with his sweet and light vocals. But this time he will be showing a different side by singing “We Are No More,” where he will be portraying the dark and sorrowful feelings of a man who can no longer be with his lover due to inevitable circumstances.”

Meanwhile, Jung Yeop’s second album will be released On December 12. The album will be be comprised of two parts. The first will feature ballads, and the second part will feature cheerful and brighter songs. However, the title track will be a sad ballad. 

People are itching to listen to Jung Yeop’s new track after viewing his interview and teaser. In the interview, Jung Yeop stated, “For those who have experienced a break-up, my new title track may evoke heavy emotions they might struggle to reconnect with. From having a crushed heart and trying to suppress the sadness that threatens to eat them alive. Those are the feelings with which I have tried to convey through the lyrics.”