BEG’s Ga In Doesn’t Like Being Called Racy

On December 6 at a restaurant in Seoul, Brown Eyed Girls held a press conference regarding their upcoming concert “Tonight 37.2 C.” Here, Ga In announced, “At our concert, I will be performing the ‘Bloom.’ This performance, however, won’t be like the ones I showed at the music shows; it will be more like the one I did on my music video.”

Ga In continued, “Since the beginning, everyone kept saying that everything BEG members do are racy. Once, someone even said that Narsha’s driving is too sexy. Some other girl groups wear sexier outfits than we do, but we still have the worst reputation for being too racy. So we thought that we will uphold our reputation at our concert. A lot of our lyrics are suggestive, and we will be performing to express these words.”

This will be the first ever 19+ rated concert done by a girl group. Based on the theme of Mors Sola (Till Death Do Us Part), the concert will be divided into four themes: seduction, desire, betrayal, and revenge. “Tonight 37.2 C” will be held on December 24 and 25 at the Central City Millennium Hall.