PSY Travels in Style as He Jets to NYC to Reunite with the “Elevator Guy”

PSY showed off his personal helicopter!

On December 7, PSY tweeted, “on my way to NYC to see the Elevator Guy lol,” and attached a photo of himself with a goofy, but ecstatic expression. By the “Elevator Guy,” PSY was referring to No Hong Chul, the comedian who also became a worldwide sensation for appearing in the music video for “Gangnam Style.’ 

Netizens were especially drawn to his means of transportation, the helicopter situated right behind the pop star. It’s been previously revealed that PSY has been traveling the world on a personal jet to promote his mega-popular track “Gangnam Style.” However, this was the first time he gave fans a peek into how he travels in style. 

Netizens who saw the photo commented, “Is that PSY’s personal helicopter?”” “Wow! Are you heading off to see No Hong Chul?” “You look tired,” “They’re meeting up in NYC? The Elevator Guy is in NY? I want to go see them,” “Traveling ‘Gangnam Style’ hehe,” and more. 

Meanwhile, PSY will be performing at the “Christmas in Washington 2012” concert on December 21, where he will perform his famous horse dance in front of President Obama and his family.