IU Reveals Her Ideal Type

IU revealed her ideal type during the recent recording of MBC “Quiz Show Q.” During the show, Choi Sung Joo and Lee Hyun Soo, two contestants from the prestigious college KAIST, became the two finalists. As the two geared up for a final showdown, the show’s co-host Park Myung Soo asked IU, “If you had to pick one of them as your boyfriend, who would it be?”

IU said, “Choi Sung Joo is a smart person that keeps people around him entertained. Lee Hyun Soo is the quiet type, who has a strong personality inside.”

She continued, “If I had to pick a boyfriend, I’d prefer the quiet type. But Choi Sung Joo is fun to be around, so I’d like to remain friends with him.”

Upon hearing the comments, netizens said, “Is Eunhyuk the quiet type?” “That doesn’t really fit Eunhyuk’s personality,” and “Is she already looking for a new boyfriend?”