G-Dragon and Fanclub Donate Money to Help Children Fighting Illness

Big Bang’s leader G-Dragon and his fanclub teamed up for a good cause.

On December 7, an official from the Purme Foundation commented, “G-Dragon and his fanclub ‘Kwon Ji Yong Supporters’ donated 10,950,000won (~$10,950).” G-Dragon participated in the “Man Won’s Miracle” (~$10 Miracle) to help build a rehabilitation center for children. He donated the 3,650,000won (~$3650) amount twice, which is 7,300,000won and “Kwon Ji Yong Supporters” donated 3,650,000won.

G-Dragon shared, “I hope that this small gift will give the children at least a little bit of hope. More people will know the happiness of giving if they decide to share more of their blessings with others.”

In order to help build a rehabilitation center for young children in Mapo district of Seoul, YG’s Sean and Purme Foundation teamed up for the “Man Won’s Miracle” campaign. To participate, one will save a man won (~$10) a day and donate the saved amount after a year which totals to 3,650,000won. Celebrities like PSY, Cha In Pyo, Choi Su Jong, 2NE1, Big Bang along with various sport stars, writers, professors and 1,200 other people are participating in this campaign.