Yoo Ah In Treats Movie Staff To Big Dinner

On December 5, actor Yoo Ah In treated 70 members of his movie staff to dinner. The actor is currently filming a new movie “Ggang Chul Yi” in Busan, a southern city of Korea.

Yoo Ah In scheduled the dinner himself for the staff and fellow co-stars, who are having quite a difficult time filming the movie in such freezing weather.

One of the staff members said, “Everyone was tired and suffering from the cold, but with Yoo Ah In’s dinner, we all got reenergized. It was also noteworthy to see that he was easygoing and got along well with all of the staff.”

“Ggang Chul Yi” is a story about Ggang Chul (Yoo Ah In) who lives a gangster life but quits the organization to pay for his mother’s medical bills.