G.Na’s Sexy Selca in Bed

On December 6, G.Na tweeted a selca she took while in bed with the caption, “In my hotel room when I was in Singapore hehe.” The other selca captures G.Na’s beautiful profile. 

In the first selca, G.Na is wearing a black tank top with her hair let loose. The incoming natural light highlights the definition of G.Na’s small and beautiful face. G.NA is dressed in a white shirt for her second selca, where she poses innocently in bed while tucking her hair behind her ear, and lets her finger rest on her temple. G.Na cast a pure and innocent image in both selcas, which drew the attention of netizens.

Netizens who saw the selcas commented, “G.Na is incredibly pretty!” “It seems like a photoshoot, even though she took them herself,” and “Wow, you get a different feel from each photo!”