Beast’s Yoseob: “Good Thing About Going Solo? I Can Eat Everything Myself”

Yoseob, from boy group Beast, talks about the advantages of promoting as a soloist.

On December 6, he made a guest appearance on MBC’s radio program “Shindong’s Shim Shim Ta Pa.” Yoseob made a quirky reply, “I’m able to pick what snacks I can eat from the fans and eat as much as I want.”

He also revealed an interesting fact about his solo song “Caffeine.” It turns out that the ice sound within the song is actually the product of fellow member Yong Jun Hyung stirring a spoon in a cup.

He took a picture with the people present at the radio station and Shindong asked, “How can your face get smaller? At this rate, won’t your face disappear?” The picture shows Yoseob at the far front to make their different face sizes less comparable.

Soompiers, what’s with the “small face” fascination that we see in K-Pop? Do you think small face = pretty?