ZE:A Releases MV for “Beautiful Lady”

As a special gift to their fans. ZE:A makes a comeback this month with their new digital single “Beautiful Lady.” Officially released on December 7, the track is an R&B ballad and is about a shy confession of love.

Since ZE:A usually promotes dance tracks, this is the first time the group has released a ballad single.

Each member is currently carrying out their individual activities. Kwang Hee is active in the variety TV world with “We Got Married,” “Star King” and “Knee Drop Guru.” Kevin and Hyung Shik are preparing for the musical, “Love Song At Gwanghwamun.” Dong Jun is currently acting in drama, “I Love You, Mister,” and Siwan has been cast for the upcoming film, “A Boy Who Went To Wonderland.”