Hyoyoung Shows Off Her New “Shrek” Look

5dolls‘ Hyoyoung, who stars in the KBS 2TV “School 2013,” excitedly tweeted a picture of herself with a facial mask.

On Twitter she left a short note for her fans: “Wow! I am Shrek!”

On December 7, Hyoyoung showed off her natural beauty as she had a greenish, blue colored facial mask and wore a red and black-striped t-shirt. Even though her face was entirely covered, she did not forget to greet her fans by flashing a “V-sign” and a cute wink.

Netizens commented on her photo, “Hyoyoung looks more like Smurf than Shrek,” “I want to know where she got the facial mask,” “So the mask is the secret to her shiny skin?” and “Even while Hyoyoung wears the blue facial mask, she still looks perfect to me!”