Kim Tae Hee Says “No” to Premarital Pregnancy

“I am quite conservative,” said Kim Tae Hee during her interview for a magazine. In 2003, Kim Tae Hee was a rising celebrity of the year. The actress took a main role as a girl from a poor background trying to become a successful actress on SBS’s “Screen.”

During the interview, Kim Tae Hee mentioned that, “I am Catholic and I think premarital marriage and abortion are sins. My thoughts are very firm and for that, people call me conservative.“ Her statement was very interesting because most actresses usually avoided these kinds of questions. Meanwhile, Kim Tae Hee strongly expressed her opinions and was confident in her answers.

Netizens replied to the past interview, “She is just unbelievably pretty,” “Wow, I am quite impressed,” “So, Kim Tae Hee is smart, pretty, and impressive,” and “I agree to Kim Tae Hee.”