Lee Hyori Captured on Stage with Her Lover

Lee Hyori singing on “KARA” stage has been captured in camera.

Actress Bae Da Hae wrote on her Twitter page, “This is a photo of my most respectful Lee Hyori unni and Lee Sang Soon oppa together. Lee Hyori sang her self-made song while Lee Sang Soon played the guitar. The song was joyful yet my eyes were watering. The performance was very touching.”

The performance was presented at an annual event of “Animal Protecting Society.” The couple supported the association by presenting their love towards animals and tried to inform citizens about protecting poor animals.

Netizens who saw the post commented, “Lee Hyori and Lee Sang Soon actually look great together,” “They are angels. I hope they marry,” “How come Lee Hyori doesn’t release a new album? I miss her,” and “Lee Hyori is always very pretty.”