Juniel Looks Adorable in Fur-hooded Coat

Singer Juniel recently shared a selca of herself all dressed up and ready for winter. 

On December 7, Juniel tweeted, “Ta da! The gift has arrived. Everyone, remember to dress up warmly before heading out! Be careful not to catch a cold!” and uploaded a cute selca of herself in a fur-hooded coat.

Juniel impressed netizens with her luscious wavy locks tucked underneath a warm, furry hood. The singer looked cozy and in high spirits for the winter as she made cute expressions for her fans.

Netizens who saw the photos commented, “Juniel has gotten very pretty recently,” “She’s so lovable. I want to put her inside my pocket,” “Juniel, you have the loveliest lips!” and “You look especially adorable in that fur-hooded coat!”

 In related news, Juniel released her new track, “Bad Man” on November 20 and has been ascending music ranking charts ever since.