Orange Caramel Reveals How They Apply Their Lipstick

After School‘s unit group Orange Caramel recently revealed how they maintained their luscious lips for their title track “Lipstick.” 

 As guests on SBS E!’s “Seo In Young’s Star Beauty Show,” members of Orange Carmel revealed that whenever they sang “Lipstick,” whether it was the title of the song that caused the camera to always take shots up close or not, they always had to apply a moisturizing cream or chapstick before performing on stage. 

 They also shared, “In order to accent the concept of ‘Lipstick,’ sometimes the members would apply gemstones or stickers on their lips in order to make them pop. However, the decorations would often get stuck in our teeth if we ate food after performances, which created for some embarrassing moments.”

After sharing their experiences with performing “Lipstick,” Orange Caramel members also revealed that they would be highly interested in becoming cosmetic models for a lipstick brand and tried three poses in which they would be showcasing the product on their lips.