Lee Joon’s Mother Teaches Oh Yeon Seo How to Show Aegyo

On December 8, MBLAQ‘s Lee Joon‘s mother made an appearance on “We Got Married” and gave Oh Yeon Seo some pointers on how to show aegyo.

Lee Joon’s mother began by saying, “I can see that you’re too shy to show aegyo to your husband. I can see that Haet Nim loves Chang Sun by the look in her eyes, but I don’t think she always shows it,” using Lee Joon’s and Oh Yeon Seo’s birth names. 

Oh Yeon Seo explained her difficulty saying, “In acting I find it to be easy to express aegyo. As long as I think of it as acting, it’s easy.” Lee Joon’s mother offered, “But expressing it is very important. I regret not showing my husband more aegyo. So that’s why I’m encouraging you to do it. Life doesn’t wait for you, so you better hurry and act.”

Lee Joon’s mother then demonstrated Oh Yeon Seo how to give Lee Joon a back hug, causing the couple to become embarrassed. 

 Lee Joon’s mother explained, “Looks like I’ll have to teach you how to show aegyo. You have to eventually do it yourself. There’s probably no other mother-in-law in the country that would be teaching you aegyo. I’m one amazing mother-in-law.”