WGM’s Kwanghee And Han Sun Hwa Take Adorable Selca Together

On December 8, ZE:A‘s Kwanghee tweeted, “Don’t you love the song ‘Beautiful Girl?'” Sun Hwa, do you know who my beautiful girl is? Everyone don’t forget to watch ‘We Got Married,'” and uploaded an adorable selca of the two.

 In the photo, pretend couple SECRET‘s Sun Hwa and Kwanghee from season 4 of “We Got Married” are posing together in a cute fashion with winks and a peace sign. 

 Netizens who saw the photo commented, “Sun Hwa and Kwanghee look great together,” “Are you two dating in real life?” “I will be sure to support ‘We Got Married.'” “I’m excited to find out who Kwanghee’s ‘Beautiful Girl’ is,” “Cutest couple ever,” and “I watch ‘We Got Married’ because of Kwanghee.” 

“Beautiful Girl” was released on December 7 and is about a man who cannot hide his feelings for a woman and reveals them shyly.