Yoo Jae Suk’s “Come to Play” Comes to an End and Angers Netizens

Recently, MBC has been going through some tumultuous times with the cancellation of the sitcom, “What Is Mom.” But now, it has been reported that the beloved variety TV show, “Come To Play” has also come to an end, which is angering the netizens even more.

On December 8, sources from MBC spoke with My Daily and said, “The news of ‘Come To Play’s’ cancellation has reached the production staff. The replacement program has not been decided yet.”

MBC has decided on the cancellation of “Come To Play” on December 7. When the last recording session for “Come To Play” was held on December 5, neither the staff members or cast members knew that it would come to an end. Unfortunately, since no one knew about it, they were not able to send their last greetings to one another, even though the show ran for eight long years.

Similarly, MBC’s sitcom “What Is Mom” has been decided to come to an end on December 5. The sitcom had only been airing for a mere two months but has been cancelled. It was supposed to air until March of next year. Since the cancellation was so sudden, the storyline had an abrupt and awkward ending.

This can be seen as MBC tactics to close down all programs and shows that don’t bring in enough viewership ratings and start anew in the new year.

The MBC CEO Kim Jae Chul said, “In order to obtain the #1 spot in ratings, what we do in the month of December is very important. We need to throw away what needs to be thrown away and replace what needs to be replaced. We need to be #1 next year.”

Netizens have been expressing their outrage over MBC’s lack of respect and etiquette toward the cast and staff members since these cancellations were decided on very abruptly.

Netizens started to comment, “MBC says they are cancelling the shows because of the viewership ratings but they’re actually making the viewers leave the channel,” “What kind of program made ‘Come To Play’ cancelled like this?” “If you cancel ‘Come To Play’ like this, what are the fans of the show supposed to do?” and more.