Baby G-Dragon Gets a Peck on The Cheek?

Big Bang‘s G-Dragon recently showed off his adorably baby photo.

On December 8, G-Dragon posted on his Twitter, “Bbuing bbuing” along with the photo.

In the photo, G-Dragon has a paper hat in shape of an animal on his head and is receiving a kiss from his fellow classmate. Eyes were drawn to G-Dragon’s signature, charismatic eyes even as a little boy!

Netizens who came across this photo commented, “Ah so cute,” “Aigoo,” “Bbuing bbuing,” “I wonder if that friend remembers,” “He couldn’t hide his strong eyes even as a child,” and more.

In other news, G-Dragon recently participated in “Miracle of 10,000 Won” that is being run by fellow YG label mate, Sean. This organization is being held to help build a hospital for disabled children.