EXID Surprises Fans by Dancing in Hongdae

EXID’s Hani, Hyerin, and Junghwa performed in front of hundreds of citizens on the streets of Hongdae.

On the December 7 episode of “EXID’s But But TV,” the members danced to their currently promoting single, “Every Night.” The citizens who were watching the performance encouraged the singers by loud cheering.

The performance was carried out successfully. As soon as the song was finished, embarrassed members quickly ran away which made the audiences laugh.

“EXID’s But But TV” contains many more funny scenes while EXID battle continues such as, “Which member sings the best?” The group is to compete with each other for many new competition themes.

Netizens commented, “Who’s EXID again?” “Had no idea they had their own show,” and “The girls sure know how to dance.”