Secret Thanks Fans for Thoughtfully Prepared Lunch Boxes

On December 9, SECRET‘s Hyosung tweeted, “Wow, after finishing up our pre-recording practice we received the lunch boxes prepared by our fans. We’ll enjoy this delicious food. Thank you so much. Not only do you give us support and love, but you also give us food!” and shared two photos of the members enjoying the gifts from fans.

In the photos, SECRET expressed their happiness and gratitude over the gifts their fans prepared them. Not only did the fans prepare lunch boxes for their favorite stars, but they also sent the girls gifts.

Hyosung also shot a selca with a lunchbox that bore a sticker of herself on it as another way to recognize the time and effort that fans had placed into their gifts for SECRET.

Netizens who saw the photos commented, “Wow, a photo to recognize the effort of fans? SECRET continues to be different than the rest by showing fans their love,” “SECRET, while you promote your title track – fighting!” “Eat up what the fans have prepared and get the energy you need!” and “Those lunch boxes look delicious.”