Celebrity Winter Jacket Trends This Year

What do celebrities wear when it’s cold?

As we dive deeper into winter and the temperature drops lower and lower, jackets and other outerwear become the focus of fashion. With popular female celebrities as our inspiration, let’s take a look at three kinds of outwear styles that are trending this cold winter season. The time for wearing outerwear simply to keep warm has passed. Now, it’s time to use outerwear as a way to express our fashion confidence.

Style 1: Jessica and Kim Ha Neul– The Trendy Oversized Coat

The coat is the most popular form of outwear for women. In the midst of winter, anyone can wear a trendy over-sized coat that can highlight the woman’s silhouette by layering.

Girls’ Generation’s Jessica chose an over-sized coat as her airport fashion on her way to Singapore. The flowing lines and the large button decorate her brown jacket, and she uses a bright red clutch as the main “point” of her outfit.

Also at the airport, actress Kim Ha Neul wore her coat like the A-List star she is. She looked chic with the large buttons with the gray tone of her large coat. With the similar shading of her accessories, Kim Ha Neul creates one collected and cool look.

Style 2: Lee Hae Ri and Sooyoung – The Lovely Bouclé Cardigan

When it gets a little frosty, a fur jacket gives a voluminous and luxurious look. However, if wearing fur, fake or not, is a little intimidating, the bouclé cardigan gives a similar look but a different feel. There’s no other item that gives the same lovely yet casual look like this outwear does.

Davichi’s Lee Hae Ri matched her bouclé cardigan with deep blue skinny jeans for her airport fashion. The tailored waistline gives the whole look a casual feeling.

Girls’ Generation’s Sooyoung also chose a bouclé cardigan for her airport fashion. She placed her cardigan over a purple checkered top and matched it with skinny jeans. Adding on the large handbag Sooyoung looks casual yet also feminine.

Kang Min Kyoung – The Luxuriously Casual Mustang Jacket

Last winter’s hot must-have item was probably the mustang jacket. It seems that this trend is back for another season as it is popular with celebrities and on the street. While the jacket may come off strong and might be a little intimidating to wear for some people, the diagonal lines, faux-fur trimming, and the dark colors combine to make a luxuriously casual look.

Davichi’s Kang Min Kyung wore a black mustang with a beige colored faux-fur lining folding out. The diagonal zipper line and the decorations give this dark colored jacket a more playful look.

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