CNBlue’s Jung Yong Hwa and Juniel Take a Selca Together

Jung Yong Hwa, leader of CN Blue, and fellow labelmate as well as rookie singer Juniel shared a friendly selca together.

On December 9, Jung Yong Hwa posted on CNBlue’s official twitter, “Everyone! The MC who is not an idiot and new singer Juniel! It was fun to MC after a long time! Juniel fighting! Babo, I’m a babo.” He also shared the picture he had taken with his industry junior.

In the picture, Jung Yong Hwa and Juniel share the same pose giving the camera a thumbs up. The two singers came on SBSInkigayo” as MC and performer for the show and took a picture backstage. Jung Yong Hwa looks handsome as always but he does look considerably bigger compared to Juniel’s petite frame.

On that broadcast of “Inkigayo” Jung Yong Hwa was the special MC and Juniel performed her new song “Bad Person.”