New Albums And Singles Preview – 2012 December Week 2

Zia mini-album – Anemone (released)

01 Lock The Room Door
02 One Year Worth
03 Tears Falling (feat. Park Kyung of Block B)
04 Even If You Forget Me
05 I Need You (Duet With Huh Gak)

The queen of ballads, Zia returns with a new mini-album titled “Anemone” this month. The title track is “One Year Worth,” a masterpiece composed by 015B’s Jung Seok Won who is also known for writing songs for IU, Gain, and Park Jung Hyun to name a few. “One Year Worth” is an emotional ballad with piano and acoustic guitar sounds. It holds lyrics about a person who waits for an ex-lover for a year.

Hello Venus mini-album Vol. 2 – What Are You Doing Today (Dec. 12)

01 What Are You Doing Today?
02 Romantic Love
03 First Love
04 Same
05 Winter Fantasy

Six-member girl group, Hello Venus makes a comeback with their second mini-album, “What Are You Doing Today.” The title track is of the same name and is a pop dance number composed by Korea’s hit makers Jo Young Soo and Kim Tae Hyun. This addictive number is expected to be a hit. Also included in the album are medium pop number, “Romantic Love” and electronic sound winter song, “Winter Fantasy.”

The Seeya mini-album Vol. 1 – Love U (released)

01 Poison (feat. Haeri of Davichi)
02 Farewell Dinner
03 Your Wedding
04 That Winter
05 Poison (Only The Seeya)
06 My Heart is Dying (Female Version)
07 My Heart is Dying (feat. Speed)

The Seeya releases their first mini-album titled, “Love U” this year. The title track is “Poison,” a beautiful medium-tempo ballad number featuring Lee Haeri of Davichi. The song compares the pain one feels from breakup with poison. The group hopes this song will help those who are hurt from love. The three remaining tracks, “Farewell Dinner,” “Your Wedding,” and “That Winter” are also worth listening as they were gifts from rookie producer, 79 who has recently gained a lot of attention and fame.

Nell – Holding Onto Gravity (released)

01 Coin Seller
02 White Night
03 Holding Onto Gravity
04 Blue

Korea’s top modern rock band, Nell releases the first out of a three part series of “Gravity.” The first part is “Holding Onto Gravity” which holds four tracks including the titular “White Night.” The song is about the mental state of staying in one place as if gravity was pulling a person back. Nell’s unique sounds can be heard through this representative track.

Jung Yup Vol. 2, Part 2 – There Is No Us (Dec. 12)

01 Ah..It Was You
02 Story of the Two of Us
03 Make Me Laugh
04 There Is No Us
05 Ah..It Was You (Postino Remix) (Bonus Track)

Jung Yup releases part two of his second album titled, “There I No Us.” The artist’s individual charms resonates in each song including the title track, “There Is No Us.” The singer does a great job showcasing the sadness of the song. Instruments such as the cello, guitar and piano were used to further bring out this mood.

Secret (single) – Talk That (released)


After having much success with “Poison,” Secret returns with a brand new single titled, “Talk That.” Composed and penned by Sinsadong Tiger, this number is about a woman who is hurt by love. Listeners will be able to feel a girl’s heart through this song.

Mighty Mouth (single) – Good-bye (released)

01 Good-bye (feat. Soya)

Mighty Mouth comes before fans with a brand new digital single titled, “Good-Bye” in midst of member Sangchu’s mandatory military service. Featuring Soya, this song has low-fi hip-hop beats and is about telling a lover how much he loves her before leaving for military service.

ZE:A (single) – Beautiful (released)

01 Beautiful
02 Beautiful INST

ZE:A returns with an emotional R&B ballad number titled, “Beautiful.” Through this song, the boys hope to show their soft side. Composed and penned by Rado and Polar Bear, this song holds lyrics about a boy who shyly confesses his love for a girl.

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