Park Shi Hoo Originally Comes From a Rich Family

On the shooting of SBS’s “Healing Camp” that will be aired on December 10, actor Park Shi Hoo appeared as a guest and revealed his past.

Park Shi Hoo admitted that his family has owned a rich farm in Boo Yeo city for three generations. Park Shi Hoo, however, wanted to become an actor and therefore left to Seoul. Unlike everyone’s expectation, Park Shi Hoo did not receive any help from his family. Until he became successful as an actor, he had to live in poverty and work his way up.

When Park Shi Hoo stated that he started his acting career by participating in musicals, MC asked, “You did musicals just to make yourself look like a good actor, right?” Park Shi Hoo answered, “I wanted to create an image of a skillful actor.”

On this episode, which will be aired at 11:15PM on December 10, Park Shi Hoo will discuss the early days of his career in musicals and underwear modeling.