Kim Dong Wan Confession: “I Went to an Alcohol Rehabilitation Center”

Shinhwa member Kim Dong Wan confessed that he visited an alcohol rehabilitation center before.

On the December 9 broadcast of “Shinhwa Broadcast,” work-dinner-party guru Kim Shin Young came on as a guest to give the members of Shinhwa tips and secrets for a work-dinner-party.

On this episode Kim Dong Wan revealed his tolerance limit of five soju bottles. “When Kim Dong Wan is drunk, he laughs and does aegyo a lot,” Shin Hye Sung explained. “He gets angry if the others don’t answer his demands for a kiss.”

To which Kim Dong Wan replied, “Demanding kisses has caused some problems. Recently, because of my image, I’ve been drinking more with the producers, writers, and other staff that I work with.”

He then made a big confession that surprised everyone on set. “Once, I made a big mistake after shooting so my manager took me to a alcohol rehabilitation center.”