SS501’s Park Jung Min Holds Fan Signing Event for Single “Beautiful”

SS501‘s Park Jung Min recently held a fan signing event on December 9 in Seoul for his single, “Beautiful.” He met Korean, Chinese and Japanese fans also in previous fan signing events he held last month on November 27 and 29.

Over 150 fans were able to meet Park Jung Min and get an autograph. Park Jung Min displayed proficiency in multiple languages as he wrote messages for fans in english, chinese and japanese.

Park Jung Min pleasantly surprised the last fan with a hug to show fans how much he appreciated their support.

Park Jung Min said to his fans, “Thank you for coming out to my fan signing event even through the blustery cold weather.” Fans enjoyed taking photos with the star and getting autographs.

Park Jung Min is currently promoting “Beautiful” and his first solo album in Japan titled “Romeo.”