CNBlue Releases Teaser For “2012 Blue Night In Seoul” Concert

CNBlue recently released a teaser photo for their upcoming concert.

On December 7, Song Eun tweeted, “CNBlue’s concert will be held on December 15 and 16 at 6pm at the Olympic Handball Stadium. We will be releasing photos to commemorate this event,” and uploaded a photo of Jung Shin and Min Hyuk.

In the photo, Jung Shin and Min Hyuk are looking sharp in all black suits. Taken from behind, the photo reveals their attractive silhouettes with their slender legs and tall height. Netizens were especially drawn to how they seemed to give off the appearance of models. 

Netizens who saw the photo commented, “They really seem like models, they’re so handsome!” “Their clothes really flatter their figures,” “Those two are my favorites out of CNBlue,” and “Even though it’s too dark to make out their faces, they still manage to shine brilliantly anyway.”

CNBlue will be meeting fans at their “2012 Blue Night in Seoul” concert on December 15 and 16 in the SK Olympic Handball Stadium.