Beast’s Yoseob Makes Surprise Guest Appearance on “Gag Concert”

Beast‘s Yang Yoseob recently made a guest appearance on the “Life Discovery” segment of “Gag Concert” and performed with Shin Bora and Song Joong Geun.

He played the character of Shin Bora’s new younger flower boy boyfriend who is a momma’s boy.

While ordering pizza, Yoseob uses his baby-voice to express aegyo until Kim Joon Hyun can’t take it anymore and yells, “Will you please speak properly?!” causing everyone in the audience to laugh.

In response, Yoseob uses the same adorable high-pitched voice to retort, “If you continue acting this way, there’s no guarantee that I’m going to tolerate it any further.”

Other punch lines that Yoseob used on the show include the following when he outlines the reasons for why he chose to date Shin Bora, “My mommy always told me to date someone who is a little plain-looking, a little thick-headed but likes me for me. That’s why I picked you, Shin Bora – as my ideal type.”

Netizens were especially surprised by Yoseob’s unannounced appearance in that he had promised to not use his participation on the show for any promotional purposes for his new solo album, “The First Collage.”