Eugene Looking Beautiful on Just Another Day at Work

Photos of actress Eugene are posted on online community boards. In the photos, Eugene is seen reading and practicing script lines for her upcoming drama, “Third Generation Noodle House.” Even though it was just another ordinary day, Eugene stood out from amongst her other co-stars and looked naturally beautiful as usual.

The pictures were taken on December 7 , with Eugene practicing her character lines with other cast members. The drama’s other cast members included actors Lee Jung Jin, Jung Bo Seok and Jun In Hwa.

In the photos, Eugene is wearing a gray long-sleeved shirt with pink writings that write, “BYMOM” and a curly pony-tail.

Netizens comments on the posted photos were all about Eugene’s stunning beauty and also included comments such as, “Why can’t I look like that when I go to work everyday,” “I love Eugene’s hairstyle,” and “Darn… I can’t believe she’s married!”