What Is The Alcohol Tolerance of Shinhwa Members?

On the December 9 episode of “Shinhwa Broadcast,” the members of Shinhwa learned about how to be popular at the New Years parties. During that, they each bragged about their alcohol tolerance.

First, there was Junjin who could drink a whopping fifteen bottles of soju, not including shots of beers as chasers. When he is drunk he prevents people from leaving, repeats things that he has already said, and cries as he pours out his feelings.

Shin Hye Sung said, “Amongst celebrities, Sung Shi Kyung is known as the best drinker but even he said that he could not compete.”

Andy ranked second in alcohol tolerance with six to seven bottles. When he is drunk he is overly polite, laughs a lot, and says the same things over and over again. He said about himself, “I’m only polite because I want to go home quickly. If I’m too polite the other people feel a little burdened so they send me home.”

Third was Kim Dong Wan with five bottles. When drunk, he is an aggressive kisser who gets angry when turned down. He also laughs a lot and has a lot of aegyo. He also cannot stop talking and sometimes he will call an ex-girlfriend.

Kim Dong Wan said, “I will ask for a kiss even from people I don’t know…Because of my high tolerant image, I drink a lot with producers and staff members but once I made a big mistake after filming. This isn’t a lie but I once went to an alcohol rehabilitation center with my manager. “

The fourth was Eric with three bottles and he also talks a lot, raps in English, and acts cute. Kim Dong Wan said about him, “I used to live in a studio by myself. One day I brought home Eric who was really drunk. He got completely naked and kept saying ‘Ah, I’m so hot.’ Then he tripped and hurt his toes. He lied there on the ground saying, ‘My foot hurts’.”

Eric replied, “I shouldn’t have done that. Still, if I really want to do it I’m going to try it.”

Tied with Eric was Lee Min Woo with three bottles. When drunk he calls up his friends, likes touching people, acts tough, and sings his own songs at karaoke.

Junjin said, “During karaoke he tries to act cool since he is a member of Shinhwa. One time He demanded an MR for his song and then called his back dancers. When the dancers came he gave a powerful dance.”

Lastly in sixth place was Shin Hye Sung with two bottles. When drunk he had a habit of disappearing when the check came and really likes skinship. Andy said, “Once we had a member’s meeting, but after drinking Shin Hye Sung came to my side and invited me to go drinking go out and drink with him. So I waited outside at a foot tent for one hour, pretending to know the people passing by. Other celebrities asked me if I came by myself.”

To which Shin Hye Sung explained, “Right before I was going to go to Andy, I lost all my belongings. I didn’t go because I was trying to look for my things.”

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