After School’s Lizzy Shares Her Secret for a Fuller Figure

Lizzy, from girl group After School, shared how she achieved a fuller figure.

She made a guest appearance on the latest filming of SBS E!’s “Seo In Young’s Star Beauty Show” along with the rest of Orange Caramel (a 3 member sub-unit of After School). Lizzy explained what she meant when she commented in a different variety program earlier, “The best body in After School is no longer Uee unni. It’s me.”

Lizzy explained, “Uee unni lost a lot of weight and also lost her fuller figure. On the other hand, I snack a lot at night and gained weight. That’s how I have a fuller figure.”

She went on, “However, I’m now trying to take care of my body and am not snacking. I’m currently trying to maintain my figure by eating low calorie foods and am also exercising.”