Lee Min Ho Warms Up His Fans’ Cold Hands During Fan Signing Event

Lee Min Ho is such a sweetie warming up each and every fan’s hands during this cold, cold winter.

On December 8, he participated in a meaningful fan signing event as an exclusive endorser for menswear brand Trugen. It’s been revealed that many fans crowded outside waiting for a chance to see the star in person and a good number of them were foreign fans proving his vast popularity.

What was more meaningful was that since the fans waited patiently and fought the cold weather in order to see Lee Min Ho, he personally gave each candies and chocolates along with drinks. He also took each fan’s cold hands and cheerfully smiled while he tried to warm them.

A marketing official commented, “There was a huge crowd even though the weather’s really cold. Lee Min Ho must be tired from juggling local and abroad schedules, but he was able to cheerfully greet each fan until the end of the event.”

Soompiers, how would you react if your favorite celeb warmed up your freezing hands?