Idols Get Physically Close on “The Romantic & Idol”

Idol stars have been getting more forward with their physical contact with each other.

On the episode of “The Romantic & Idol” that aired on December 9, idol couples 4minute‘s Nam Ji Hyun and ZE:A‘s Park Hyung Shik, 2PM‘s Jun.K and AOA‘s Hye Jung, MBLAQ‘s Mir and FIESTAR‘s Jei and JJ Project‘s JB and Rainbow‘s Oh Seung Ah, all had to do a back hug mission.

Nam Ji Hyun and Park Hyung Shik carried out a shy but heart fluttering back hug mission as they overlooked the beautiful Jeju Island scenery.

Jei shared her inner thoughts after Mir gave her a back hug and said, “I think it was more heart fluttering because there was that slight awkwardness,” which showed her feelings toward Mir.

Jun.K and Hye Jung performed their back hug mission after a cute date and horseback riding. While they were in the back hug embrace, they whispered to each other like real lovers.

On the other hand, the JB and Jei couple did not go through with the mission. JB said that he wanted Jei as his partner and said, “I felt sorry toward Oh Seung Ah so I was not able to go through with the mission.” Their date turned into JB asking for Oh Seung Ah’s advice on dating.

At this, Oh Seung Ah commented, “If you look at it some way, yes I’m sort of sad,” with teary eyes. JB also admitted, “I just think of her [Oh Seung Ah] as a good nuna.”

Viewers are anticipating the next episodes of “The Romantic & Idol” to see how each couples’ love lines will progress.