Park Shi Hoo: “I Like to Go Clubbing And Look at Pretty Girls”

Actor Park Shi Hoo recently confessed that when he is not working on projects he likes to drink and go clubbing.

On December 10, actor Park Shi Hoo made a guest appearance on SBS talk show, “Healing Camp.” When MC Han Hye Jin asked, “I heard you occasionally go clubbing,” he explained, “When you usually film for something it can take up to ten months, so I like to be able to relax during the two months where I’m not taking on active projects. I tend to go clubbing during that break. After drinking just about half a bottle of beer, I get enough courage to hit the dance floor.” 

MC Han Hye Jin noted, “If you don’t have a high tolerance for alcohol, then that must not be the only reason you go clubbing,” to which Park Shi Hoo confirmed, “Yes, I also like to dance and go see beautiful women when I go clubbing.”

Park Shi Hoo then clarified his hobby once more saying, “I only like to go after I have completed a project. When I am busy with work, I don’t get distracted.”

Park Shi Hoo is currently starring in the SBS drama “Cheongdamdong Alice” where he plays the role of Cha Seung Jo, the CEO of luxury brand Artemis.