Lee Byung Hun Used To Think Park Shi Hoo Was Arrogant?

Park Shi Hoo admitted that his senior Lee Byung Hun used to think that he was arrogant.

On the episode of “Healing Camp” that aired on December 10, Park Shi Hoo shared a story about how he worked with Lee Byung Hun long ago and shared a drink with him. Back then, Park Shi Hoo was a no-name actor.

He shared, “I drank about one and a half glasses of alcohol when senior Lee Byung Hun came to join us,” and “He started to pour me a glass but I honestly told him that I couldn’t drink.”

He continued, “In the eyes of the senior, he probably must have though I was arrogant since I was such a junior to him,” and “To make things worse, I sort of dozed off while drinking so the seniors viewed me unfavorably. But fortunately, Lee Byung Hun and I got to know each other through that incident.”

Lastly, he said, “Because I kept falling asleep when drinking, my seniors would tell me, ‘He sleeps with consistency,” while revealing his weak tolerance for alcohol. During this episode, Park Shi Hoo also opened up about his well-off family.

Meanwhile, Park Shi Hoo is acting in the weekend drama, “Alice in Cheongdamdong” as the CEO of a luxury brand.