Jessica Is Lovable Chic for Banila Co Advertisement

Girls’ Generation‘s Jessica has recently displayed two different charms.

Jessica, who is currently the muse for cosmetics brand Banila Co, has posed for a winter collection advertisement on December 1.

Banila Co’s winter collection consists of products with the theme, “It’s Friday Night” and Jessica models the eye make up in the recent photos and displays a lovable and chic image.

In one photo, Jessica dazzles with white skin and pink lipstick and portrays an innocent yet alluring charm. In another photo, Jessica has thick eye makeup with a colorful outfit to perfectly pull off that stylish and chic look.

It is reported that staff members were impressed by Jessica’s ability to pull off these different looks.

Netizens who came across these photos commented, “She looks classy and beautiful,” “She is so pretty. She looks like a high class goddess,” and more.