“Alice In Cheongdamdong” Staff Apologizes for Broadcasting Printed Swear Words

A scene from the episode of “Alice In Cheongdamdong” that aired on December 8 visibly flashed printed swear words.

During the episode, Han Se Kyung (played by Moon Geun Young) sends a letter and her life savings to the CEO of a luxury brand company, Cha Seung Jo (played by Park Shi Hoo) in order to persuade him to repeal his lawsuit against her ex-boyfriend, So In Chan (played by Nam Goong Min).

Each time Se Kyung deposited money, a printed line of encouragement and hope was made such as “Oppa, have strength,” “A beautiful life,” and “Destiny is made through efforts.”

However, on the very last line of the booklet, a line of swear words was printed, which did not match the storyline of the drama. It read, “These f–king idiots.”

Therefore, the “Alice In Cheongdamdong” official website posted on December 10, “Hello, this is the staff of ‘Alice In Cheongdamdong.’ We bow our heads and apologize for the swear words that were aired on the December 8 episode.”

They continued, “Our staff members will work harder and we will try our best for this to never happen again. We would like to ask for the viewers’ forgiveness.”

Netizens commented, “I doubted my eyes for a second,” “Who wrote that?” “I didn’t even see that…” and more.