Ryeo Won and Choi Si Won Pose Like A Couple In Latest Photo

King Of Dramas” cast mates Ryeo Won and Choi Si Won took an affectionate photo together, requesting the viewers to watch the drama broadcast in real time.

In the drama, Ryeo Won plays writer Lee Go Eun and Choi Si Won plays a top star, Kang Hyun Min. In order to show the viewers’ their appreciation for watching their drama, the two celebrities got together for a couple photo.

Both stars are holding up handwritten signs that read, ” “Watch Real Time,” and “Let’s watch in real time!” along with their autographs.

Previously, Ryeo Won tweeted, “When drinking with Kang Hyun Min, who emphasizes charity work over money, Go Eun turns into a meek lamb,” along with a photo of herself with Choi Si Won.

Last month, Choi Si Won also tweeted, “One shot of Lee Go Eun, a writer who still keeps her patience no matter how unjust things are, and Kang Hyun Min, a super nice guy who never gets angry,” along with a photo of both stars.